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Starlit Designs

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3 February 1987
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Hello, and welcome!

In this journal, I will post all icons, brushes and other graphics that I make for whoever wants to use them. (I would recommend you friend this journal, so you can always stay updated. :) )

My icon awards

Please take the time to read this.

1. Comment: If you are going to be using anything that I have made, please comment in that particular post and let me know. Or even if you're not taking anything, I'd still love to hear from you and know what you think of my work. So do comment. ♥

2. Credit: It's nice to get recognition for your work, plus people will know where to find me in the future, so please credit starlit_designs. Don't know how to credit? Click here

3. Don't steal: Everything is free for you to use, so there's no reason why you should steal anything. So don't pass it off as your own.

4. No hotlinking: Bandwidth theft is something which nobody is fond of, so save it to your computer and link it to your own server.
There are plenty of free hosting sites available out there.

I'm not currently taking requests. I will make a post letting you know if that changes. :)

Check out my brush and texture resources here. If you recognize your work being used and are not on there, let me know and I'll add you.

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painted_sanity dreamsquare

If you want to be affiliates, comment in my latest post (with a button, if you have one). You can link me using the button provided below.

Just copy and paste the above code. :)

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